Using pomodoro technique for completing my task is the best experience so far. I was not expecting such results that I got after using this technique. Now I was able to complete the task without distractions. Taking breaks in between helped me to boost up my energy and helped to relax my mind. I think 25 min time is so appropriate to keep yourself away from distraction and to keep your attention full towards the task without getting bored. This technique helped to finish the bigger task in less time with full efficiency.

I think by practicing this technique more and more can help me to complete my task efficiently and effectively. I can say that this is the best technique I have adopted so far.

Problem Statement:Providing the basic neccessities to the attendants of Govt Hospitals who came from different cities

As we all know that most of the patients in government hospitals are poor. They came from different cities and village to get their checkup done from experienced doctors of Government hospitals. …

I always wanted to be a life long learner. I don’t think that life is restricted to particular thing whether u are doctor or engineer , you can’t limit your knowledge only that particular field. life long learning is something that you are always ready to learn new things along the life. Only through life long learning one can enhance his personality.

Keeping in mind this motive i joined Amal academy , a platform where i can learn so many new things , a platform through which i can really enhance my personality and can become a life long learner. Taking courses and session every week actually helping me alot to improve myself and learn new things.

Courses that i have completed this week

Thank you letter for MOM

My mom is my inspiration, my mentor and my hope. She is the only one who always supports me whenever things are not in my favor she is the one who took stand for me and supports .From childhood she used to guide me about every little thing. Whatever i am today is just because of her.

Neha Nasim

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